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  • Zuschin M. et al.: Holocene benthic baseline communities in the northern Adriatic Sea and their collapse due to anthropogenic impact.
  • Sames B. & Khaled T.: The Central Tunisian Atlas as potential key area for late Mesozoic non‐marine research and supra‐ regional biostratigraphy: A micropalaeontological perspective.
  • Baron‐Szabo R.C. & Sanders D.: Scleractinian corals from the Lower Oligocene of the Eastern Alps, Austria: taxonomic composition, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography‐preliminary results.
  • Garcia Ramos D.A. & Zuschin M.: High‐frequency cycles of brachiopod shell beds on subaqueous delta‐ scale clinoforms (early Pliocene, SE Spain).
  • Palzer‐Khomenko M. et al.: The upper Ottnangian Calcite Minimum Interval: A solution to many problems?
  • Tari G. & Strauss P.: The Jurassic Gresten facies of the European margin in Austria, Hungary and Romania: a regional overview.
  • Gebhardt H. et al.: Cyclic paleo‐salinity changes inferred from benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the Upper Burdigalian (Lower Miocene) Korneuburg Basin, Austria.
  • Kranner M. et al.: Foraminifera as tool for biostratigraphic cross‐correlation of major oilfields in the Vienna Basin.
  • Lindenbauer J. et al.: Erste systematische Fossilgrabung nach permischen Tetrapodenfährten in den Gailtaler Alpen (Kärnten, Österreich).
  • Thi Hoang Tran H. et al.: Calcification of the eucaryotic microalga Oocardium stratum NAEGELI 1849 (Zygnematophyceae): Exploring the niche of an highly effective biocalcifyer.
  • Schwab J. et al.: Evolution of thalattosuchian crocodylomorphs ‐ the role of the neurosensory system in adaptations to a secondarily aquatic lifestyle.
  • Summesberger H. et al.: Coniacian ammonites from the Gosau Group of the Salzkammergut (Austria).


  • Fuchs I. et al.: Cold case: in search of the provenience of an exceptionally preserved Cretaceous shark.
  • Fuchs I. et al.: Identifying hidden secrets of shark teeth (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) using sophisticated approaches.
  • Gebhardt H.: Campanian to Maastrichtian planktic foraminifera of the Pálava Formation may point to southward flow of boreal waters into the Penninic Ocean.
  • Lukender A.: Lower Cretaceous ammonites from the Northern Calcareous Alps (Hauterivian – Barremian, Upper Austria).
  • Lukender P. & Lukender A.: Sinemurian biostratigraphy of the Tannscharten section near Reichraming (Lower Jurassic, Schneeberg Syncline, Northern Calcareous Alps).
  • Sames B. et al.: A gigantic marine ostracod trapped in mid-Cretaceous amber of Myanmar (Burmite).
  • Hofmann Ch.-Ch. et al.: Palaeo-geographical and -historical implications of pollen taxa (e.g., Sarcandra, Phyllanthus, Fagus, Juglans, Lagerstroemia, Mortoniodendron, Cornus, Nyssa, Symplocus; Iodes) from the lower Bartonian Chanchang Formation (Hainan, South China) investigated by LM and SEM.
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